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The Blueprint Series Vol. 5: Holiday Sauce

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Blog- Organized Khaos


Imagine me in an organized world.  
Would my name still be Khaos?  

That's like my mind fuck question for people who ask me, "when"? When will I drop?  
When imma do...  
when imma...I don't know, yo.  
That has always been my M O. BOOMBOX has always been my backer, feel me?  

As I'm slightly maturing lol, the most mature thing I've done is an attempt to collect my history all in one place. This is it.  

This is my blog. It's somewhat strategic, but not really. Entertaining absolutely. Press all the buttons you (or I can't break it)  
I'm dedicating all my work to the dope people I've met (and haven't met yet) throughout my music career. Yall deep! Like all over the world, deep, and yall still here! That's an impressive big blessing, and thank you all from my whole heart for that. 

I hope to meet and chat with yall under these comments on my blog. Allow me to be Khaotic yall. From Boomboxmuzic-Yolgbtraps- the baby 70ate80- Me Iman, Khaos, Khay, KDR, KHAOSDARAPPER, DA RAPPER, Da SNAPPER, GayDR, Gayos, and all the other weird aka's people call me. Big Love. Good people now, good people.  
Thank yall.



Organized Khaos Ep.2 

Welcome back or welcome home. Every way, I appreciate you. 

I played some dope tunes in this episode and talked about ball buoyancy.  I gave some shoutouts to wrestling rappers and said things I shouldn't have. 

I'll announce the release…

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Organized Khaos Ep.1 

I promised...I did. I tried to deliver or start this project on 10/22/22, but let's talk about the forces that prevented it... not. 

I promised to give it, so here it is. I'm going to drop this pod in episodes…

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